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Saturday, 28 July 2012 13:13


Welcome To 100 FREE BUILDING DESIGNS Website!

100 FREEBUILDING DESIGNS is a website aimed  at providing the general public with free building designs.This includes free building plans, free other architectural working drawings.andfree furniture layout.It is expected that this freebuilding design website will be of great benefit to the following.

1. Low  income, medium income and high income earners who want to buy land and build their own houses

2. Government building organs like the ministries of housing or the like, building houses for the citizens

3. Real estate developers who might want to select their prototypefrom the free building designs and build or recommend any of the free building designs to their land subscribers.

4. Private companies who might want to select from the free building designs to build for their staff either for rent or outright sale

5. Students of architecture and other related courses who want to further understand the arrangement, and interrelationships of room spaces in a building and building regulations.

All 100 3D images and description of the free building designs have been shown but only one or two or three free building plans will be shown every months.

Links will be provided for you to click and see the free plans of the chosen designs.

In this edition BUN4BR2  has been chosen and that is why the link labeled FREE

PLANS has been provided for it at the top of the page.As the months go by, at a point we will give you the links to show you details of more than one building design. Also at some point we will show you some of the free building plans of previous editions together  with the new ones.

So watch out for previous editions links

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